[UPDATED] 😍 Aliexpress carding method 2022

We have two Aliexpress carding method today we dropping it hope you follow along with me which is old and new 2022 aliexpress carding method.

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lets begin with the old aliexpress carding method

The old tutorial starts with the carder getting a UK RDP which needs to be tested and working with the best premium vpn for carding.

Personal information should be provided like (last name, first name, address, country, city, state, zip code, etc.).

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Procedure old aliexpress carding tutorial

  1. Find a good UK RDP
  2. Connect to your RDP via
    Remote Desktop Connection
  3. Launch your web browser (Mozilla and
    Firefox) and clear cache/history/cookies.
    Make sure to avoid browsers like Chrome
    or Microsoft Edge.
  4. Visit the WhatismyIP Blacklist Checker website and check if your IP address has been blacklisted.
  5. If you are using Socks5, you need to change your PC’s time zone to be the same as the IP.
  6. Login to  Aliexpress.com
  7. Open an account and make your
  8. Invoice information must be full UK credit card information (all information must be the same except for the random number which starts with the state or code).
  9. Your shipping information should be your personal information about where you are staying or your depot.

Others below

  1. Use Gmail, not Hotmail or Yahoo mail.
  2. Place your order
  3. After/within 24 hours your order request will be accepted and after 48-72 hours what you ordered will be shipped.

I will advise you to use a good UK Cc to make your carding a success.

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The New Aliexpress Carding Method/Tutorial

For new type of  Aliexpress carding method

you find this new method helpful and helpful. Before you go through the article and start looking for the basic tools required, I want you to understand the basic criteria associated with the carding method.

There are so many scammers I can also say Ripper is out there so you are going to make sure to buy your Cc from trusted websites.

Don’t do like anyone commenting on this post or any of my posts to help you because 99% of them will scam you.

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The basic requirements for Aliexpress carding 2022 are:


High Balance CC – Must be from $3,000
and up. (available here )

Find a safe deposit in the IP address to get your order.

Steps for Aliexpress carding

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Step 1

First, get a good UK RDP.

2nd step

Connect to your RDP via Remote Desktop Connection.

Step 3

Open your browser. I recommend Firefox, but you can choose Chrome, Opera, etc.
Always  remember to clean/clear your browser’s cache/cookie data  .

Step 4

This step isn’t that important, but I’ve seen most noobs complain about a blocked IP. The first thing to do is to check your IP.

So check your DNS and find out if your IP address has been blacklisted. You can click here to check

Step 5

Change your PC/Laptop’s timezone to be the same as your IP’s if you’re using socks5.

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Step 6

Visit  Aliexpress.com  and create an account for purchase. Buy whatever you want, but make sure it’s under $500.

Create an Aliexpress account

When it’s time to enter your credit card information, fill in the credit card details by writing them yourself.

Step 7

For shipping details use your drop.

It is also normal that they ask you for an email address, use Gmail instead of Yahoo Mail or Hotmail.

Once you have placed your order, you must wait 24 hours for your order to be accepted and shipped.

Shipping is usually done within a few

Place your order now.

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Tips for Carding on Aliexpress
Successful Carding

When carding on Aliexpress, you need to consider many factors like carding to be successful and not get caught.

  • Your VPN and your socks are one of the important things when it comes to
    carding Aliexpress, and you can also protect yourself and your identity by using VPN, and I will highly recommend
    PureVPN. They are some of the best and they can hide your IP address as well.
  • All registration information must contain the name of the account holder, and your email will also be included to carry the name of the account holder. You may not really check the mail, but make sure that the cardholder’s name and email address are almost similar, if not the same.

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  • You can log in Aliexpress and enter the required shipping address, and make sure it is the same billing address as
    the CC.

The above information is all you need about Aliexpress carding method 2022, hope with this you can successfully complete your first carding.

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