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All your transfers are completely safe. You can absolutely rely on our WU service. Your money is protected from hack attacks. You only need to show your ID card to receive the money transfer.

You can not make more than 2 Western Union transactions per day with the same personal information. In that case, Western Union will close the access and take you out of the Database. The maximum number of transactions per month is 15



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Are you being told the Western Union method is dead?

Are you sick of being scammed by those who are pretentious and promise to transfer WU money but instead they block you and run away once you put your trust in them?

Western union transfers

We have bad news as well as good news!

The bad news is that WU like everything else is dynamic and changing their security constantly, think of it like this if your car gets a flat tyre you won’t call the whole car broken or worst, replace the whole car, would you?

You will just replace the tyre and get along with your journey. Western union along with all exploitation methods work just like that, there is NO such thing as 100% security, we are a living testament of that.

Western union transfers click here to see more proofs

we not only offer 100% Genuine WU transfers up to a maximum of $5000 pay out but we are also specialized in Money Gram, PayPal, Cashapp, Deposit Checks, Carded Gift Cards and many other services professionally delivered to our customers frequently, you will not find this kind of value or service on clear net that’s GUARANTEED and if you do we’d love to hear about it, please let us know

This listing is for a Genuine Western Union transfer that you will NOT find elsewhere on a clear net.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will add the receivers “FULL NAME” and your “CITY” and “EMAIL” on “Checkout Details Page” in the section called “Additional Information” under “Billing Details” to complete a successful transfer, otherwise your transaction will be delayed until we have received the full information to process the transfer.


You will not get that anywhere except on cardingshop , here we guarantee your Western Union balance transfer.

You will be able to check the status of your transaction directly on WU website.


Please understand this WU transfer will NOT take 10 – 15, this transfer service could take “up to 6 and a maximum of 8 hours” to deliver you with MTCN after you paid for the order, we may deliver it quicker but we CANNOT promise because it’s more than likely that we will work on the orders we have in a queue that we received before this order.

However, we will process the transfer as soon as it’s conveniently possible. You must understand that we process orders in the order they are received, so if there are 10 orders before yours we will work on your order after we process those 10 orders first.


Q: Why don’t you offer more than $5000 transfer in one go?

A) We are very comfortable with our method, it has an acceptable success rate to carry out your transaction, this is not PayPal, or Cashapp this is WU and we do experiment with higher amounts on bi-weekly basis but the success rate is currently unacceptable to offer larger amounts on daily basis.

Q: Why don’t we send ourselves money?

A) We did that until we exhausted our resources, this would-be quite stupid if you knew the process involved and what we do, however, we have a team that works fulltime and we do this and a wide range of other things on daily basis, we also have trusted runners who we have been working with for quite a while now.

Q: How much can I order?

A) the amounts are fixed and quite clear on the order page, we cannot alter the amounts.

Q: Can I order the same day again?

A) You can order this as many times as possible, however, each transaction will take the time that it needs to process and that cannot be rushed. Use your own common sense, if you pick up money from the same WU agent over and over the agent might take a hard look at what you do as it looks suspicious, use your own common sense, unfortunately, at cardingshop we do not sell common sense.

Q: When will I receive the MTCN Number?

A) We will send you the MTCN once the transaction is processed, within 6 to a maximum of 8 hours. we may deliver it quicker but we CANNOT promise because it’s more than likely that we will work on the orders we have in a queue that we received before this order.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A) Yes we do provide up to 50% discounts to our loyal customers once you hit the list of our “loyal customer” you will receive “flash sale” email offers, such sales are exclusive to emails ONLY if you have registered an account using “temporary email” or did not create an account you will miss out on those offers.

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500$, 1000$, 2000$, 3000$, 4000$, 5000$

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