Latest Carding Course From Beginner To Advanced (MASTERCLASS)

Original price was: $250.Current price is: $120.

In order for us to respond to you within the following 90 minutes after you place an order for this mentorship class, please email us the necessary information, including your Skype ID and the time that works for you to begin.

No matter where you are, you can take this carding course and receive instruction from our skilled carders. We guarantee that you will learn carding from basic to advanced levels.

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Carding Course From Beginner To Advanced. Because we are already involved in such daily activities, our time is more valuable than yours. Therefore, before purchasing a mentorship class, we want our students to have some familiarity with carding terms. If you have already tried carding but failed, that is the ideal situation. Ideally, we want all of our students to be in this situation.

We’ll use three CCs to card three objects.

1 x E-Gift Card

2 x physical items

One of the three options is yours to retain.

Latest Carding Course From Beginner To Advanced (MASTERCLASS)

Carding in this year is different from carding in 2019 or earlier, therefore it takes a certain amount of brainpower, creativity, and patience to complete the process effectively. If you rush, you’ll ruin the card and waste your time having to start over from scratch.


During this class, we will offer the following as part of our mentoring:

1 X RDP (You will connect with AnyDesk; don’t ask about TeamViewer.)

3 X CC’s


Before connecting to our RDP using Anydesk, you must have your own PREMIUM VPN, such as VYPR, installed and operating on your computer.

WHAT WILL THIS Carding Course From Beginner To Advanced CONTAIN?

We will card

1 x  gift card store

2 X Physical items such as Airpods Pro or anything under iPhone 8Plus.

You can either keep the physical items or take the $200 gift card, but if you choose to keep the physical stuff, you will need to create your own drop. Please don’t contact us for help producing or selling drops.

After placing your order, please use the live chat feature to contact us if you have any questions.


If you don’t already have Skype, please download it now. It just takes a few minutes to set up and is ideal for desktop-to-desktop contact. After you purchase this mentoring, we will add you to our account for easy desktop-to-desktop conversation.

Then, after setting up a time with you, we’ll give you an hour on the first day and then 30 minutes every day for the following six days.

Thus, this class would last for a total of 4 hours.


Once you start the class it will last for the next 7 days, the first day we will give you 1 hour and then decide the time for the other 30 minutes classes for the next 6 days.

You will be penalized for missing any day, and the missed day’s 30 minutes CANNOT be made up.

Only the materials for our first class will be provided; you are more than welcome to purchase additional cards from our shop to apply what you have learnt.

We will only be liable for a successfully shipped order if you choose to purchase a physical item from the three that we will card the first day, such as the AirPods Pro or iPhone 8Plus. We won’t be liable if the courier forgets to leave the card or if your order is returned due to an incorrect drop address.

After the training is over, we’ll offer you unsupervised access to our RDP for an entire week so you may practice on your own.

You’ll have access to a total of 10 pairs of SOCKS5.