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credit card skimmer

EMV credit card SKIMMER

Improved data pickpocketing technique called shimming, in which possibe secretly insert a skimmer, a paper-thin, card-size skim containing an embedded microchip and flash storage into the “dip and wait” card slot itself, where it resides unseen to intercept data off any credit or debit card’s EMV chip data + PIN Code. Although the you can use that purloined chip data to clone an actual chip card also you, can clone a mag stripe version that’s fully capable of defrauding banks and merchants who may not be paying close attention to their card security protocols.


What makes EMV shimmer potentially more effective that skimmers? They can easily be inserted into indoor, in-store POS terminals, ATM`s, Vending machines and GAS Pumps –  where they record the data being shared between the card’s chip and the terminal. What’s more, when the you are able – periodically collect the shimming technology to harvest its bounty, victim don`t need to be doing nothing more than paying at the terminal.



The reason: Each EMV chip card issued has two sets of digital card validation codes: a CVC for the magnetic stripe and a different, integrated CVC (or iCVC) for the EMV chip. Card issuers keep both codes on file, as well as a secret dynamic code unique to that chip, to verify the authenticity of every card transaction. As a result, using special EMV software who allow  generate next iCVC code is possible to clone a new chip card that approves SDA DDA and CDA. Doing transaction EMV Shimmer also store PIN Code. While classical skimmers  can create a cobbled-together mag stripe clone without PIN and that means you can write use only T1&2 and can`t withdraw money on ATM. The EMV mechanism is such that you can authenticate that that card is real and that it hasn’t been tampered with that means cloned card you are able to use in shops, but best option is withdraw cash from ATM, without any physical contact with people in shop etc.



EMV SKIMMER DEVICE does not need a power supply. It is so thin and fits perfect in the slot smart card reader to retrieve the power from it when is copying the original card. Device can work from (-20 to +45 degrees).EMV CREDIT CARD SKIMMER DEVICE fits perfectly into all CHIP card readers that use only a shallow entrance to the chip card, such as ATM and POS terminals even more vending machines and GAS pumps. The device memory can store up to 1700 data records ( copies of cards ) !!!

How it’s working?

1. Put a little bit of special glue on the 4 Corners of EMV CREDIT CARD Skimmer. (Glue included)

2. Insert in the reader EMV Skimmer to the Chip card reader using the insert tool card and remove it from the reader. (Insert tool included)

EMV credit card Skimmer is located perfectly into Chip card reader and does not extend beyond the cover.

3. To extract data from the mounted EMV Skimmer, use that special card to download the information.(Special card included)

The data will be automatically go on the smart card.

The stored memory record at EMV Skimmer will be deleted automatically after you remove the special smart card to re-write data from the next following Chip cards. EMV Skimmer will be remain in the card reader, to continue collect copies of the data from the others cards inserted into the card reader.

4. To extract data from Special card connect your laptop to it using card reader writer and special download – decryption software.

5. Use the included software to convert data from encryption data to .txt

6. Done.

Now you can do the exact copy of the cloned records.

The end result is an exact copy of the original card.

To do this, use the provided chip card reader / writer and prepaid ISO 7816 IC chip cards.

EMV SKIMMER DEVICE for ATM and POS terminals.


1x – EMV credit card Skimmer

1x – Special Card

1x – Software to convert data from encryption to .txt

1x – IC chip card Reader/Writer to write the data to your new empty card.

100x – Empty blank IC Chip Cards

1x – Reading software

1x – Insert/Remove tool.

1x – 20ml Bottle special glue.

1x – Reader/Writer Software

1x – Users manual for EMV Shimmer + Software

1x – Users manual for Reader/Writer

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