EMV Chip Writing Latest Software INSTANT DELIVERY

This is the software you need to be be able to write track 1 and 2 data onto an EMV Debit/Credit Card to cashout!
It is currently listed on other sites for 1,500 or MORE!!!
It writes both SDA and DDA cards ^_^ All of the built in security features of the EMV chip are rendered useless when you have this software in your hands which is under lock and key by X2 and companies like VISA that possess the software.



With this software you can take skimmed track 1 and 2 data and write to EMV blank cards so you can cash out quickly and easily!!!!!
Full version:

1)What type of card i can Read Write with this Software? SDA and DDA (Static/Dinamyc) It can be any Visa,Visa Electron,MasterCard,Maestro,Amex,Union-Pay,Diners,Discover,JCB.

2)This Software will Work in any Country? Yes It will work in any Country in the World Where EMV Tech Is Used. 2)What data is necessary to Make a ATM Transaction? You will need to Write the Track 2.

3)Can i use any PIN at ATM With the Card? No,You will need to use the Original PIN Cod.

4)Can i use any PIN in POS? Yes you can use any Pin.

5)Can i See The balance and Withdraw money From ATM? Yes,If you have the Original Pin cod and a valid Track 2 Then you will be able to make any operation like with the Original Credit card.

6)Where can i find Smart cards? smartcardsource.com

7)Where can i find the Hardware? Google = Ebay = Omnikey or MCR 200……

8)What is happening if i lose my pc with the Software on it? We will not be able to help you,we will not send you a new software

I really hope you enjoy your $1,200 savings on this EMV Card Writing Software and wish you all the best!! WORKS BEST WITH : MCR 200 ACR 38 ACR 92 COMBO MX53-M2-SC OMNIKEY 5421 OMNIKEY 5025CL OMNIKEY 4040 OMNIKEY 3021 You can buy these hardware on Ebay