Citi Bank Drop


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Citi Bank Drop

Citi Bank Drop

Checking Bank Account,

Not hacked,

No balance MSRX6BT – Bluetooth Magnetic Stripe Card Reader/Writeron it.

This product is MOSTLY to receive money from payment processors.

I`m not responsible ANY kind of security issue and also won`t replace if died cause of this! Please do NOT buy if you don`t know how to use the product exactly

Bank drop is a term used for a bank account that is controlled by a fraudster to transfer stolen funds into. Fraudsters use fake or stolen personal information to create bank drops.

Open your web browser on your computer and visit your bank’s website. Select “online banking.” Browse the homepage of your bank’s website and click on the link that says “online banking.

The fact that your bank will report any cash deposits or withdrawals in excess of $10,000 isn’t necessarily cause for alarm. The intent is to identify and monitor where the money ends up, Castaneda says. 

A bank transaction is a record of money that has moved in and out of your bank account.

Definition. These credentials may include, a username, password, smart card, token, or a biometric.