Ebay carding latest method in 2022

Ebay carding method: important

We will card stuffs and gift cards. Gift cards go under verification and may last up to 4hrs to verify transaction. This method requires a lot of keen on selecting the seller as this is the main point of successful carding.
If we ship to diff shipping to billing on a new account then the order will not be processed.
The idea is to ask the seller to ship to diff address (our drop) due to some circumstances that just occurred.
We will come up with the idea later.
The seller may or may not accept your request.
Now let’s get into details

You need all the usual stuff. PC, SOCKS 5 AND FULLZ FROM cardingshop.club

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HOW TO CARD eBay: steps

Get NONVBV card from cardingshop.shop

The following guide is only tested using nonvbv cc from cardingshop. Follow this guide to buy cc https://cardinglegendz.com/category/choose-a-non-vbv-cc/

Get Socks5 Matching CC holder location

 You can use proxies for these. They are the best or vip72. don’t expire so I prefer them

Check anonymity score

go to whoer.net and make sure everything checks out and I got 100% anon which is good. I go to ip-score.com and proxy score is 0.0 and good to go.

Create email

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Create email with some names matching cc holder.

Create an eBay account

Go to eBay.com and register an account. Use your fullz info to fill all fields. It is easy to do so and should only take some mins. Then after creating account do what normal users do. Browse the stuff you like for a good time. If you want a laptop, compare to other versions and let your cookies be the witness that the hell you really browsed for that laptop. No one will just create account and buy in mins. People tend to look for quality stuff when they are spending cash.

Shipping as billing

Add shipping address to match the CC holder billing. This will give you a lot of trust score to almost 100%. We want the site to record we are shipping to billing address but try to ask the seller to change later.

Finding the Seller

This is the most important step for your eBay carding. Find that seller who will cooperate. Don’t look for very successful sellers, those will most likely not change the address and they won’t care refunding your since they are successful and got orders a lot. Find that one seller who seems to struggle and will do anything to sell. Or that one with not much good rating. Make sure you can message the seller. E.g., if you want a laptop you can find that one dude who is selling a second-hand laptop and maybe he just needs quick cash. If you the seller allows to be messaged, then add his item to cart.

eBay Fraud Detection

eBay will monitor your messages for potential fraud. Make sure you cipher your message well. Don’t try to type go straight to point. some words will be flagged like “change address” etc. Come up with a story. I will show you an example.

Checkout item

Now checkout your item using the Your Nonvbv CC from cardingshop.club Avoid 2fa problems so make sure you follow step 0 for choosing a non-secured card. You should not have problems checking out since billing=shipping, and your card should have enough funds. You have an order success and wait for confirmation email.

Ask the seller to change address

Message the seller and ask how many days it will take to deliver. Assuming he says 2 days, tell him the product is supposed to be a gift to a family member. and the birthday is in 2 days’ time. 

This means you will be late to send the gift since you will receive it in the birthday. Ask him if he could ship directly to the family member. Find a drop with names almost similar to the CC holder so the seller may for this. Ask admin for Drops with customizable names … free for cardingshopusers users
If you chose your seller according to step 6. Then you will have no problem at all and he will definitely change shipping address for you
If no, then ask him to refund and find another seller.

Carding Ebay successfull

Wait for tracking and you are good to go

Your carding is successful if you receive a tracking to your drop address.

  1. Gift Cards

When your order is successful above, then you can now buy egift cards without problem. Don’t try to buy gift cards first. This was the ebay carding method.

Any questions pm

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