Advanced Venmo Cashout Masterclass


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2. Once you place the order for this mentorship class please send us the details such as your Skype ID and the time that suits you to get started than wait for us to get back to you within the next 90 minutes.

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Our time is precious, it’s more precious than yours because we are already engaged in such day to day activities so before buying a mentorship class we want our students to be somewhat familiar with how Venmo works.

Carding Venmo requires a number of steps to be taken precisely, so some level of brain cells and common sense are required for cashing out Venmo successfully, just like carding Giftcards and cashing-out PayPal if you will rush into this you will end up getting the Venmo account limited and possibly closed.

NOTE: If you are a complete Newbie in cashing out Venmo do NOT purchase this Advanced Venmo Cashout Mentorship package, we recommend you first get familiar with Venmo basics, there are a lot of blog articles on our site that you read to get some level of basic understanding.


We will provide the following for this class as part of our Mentorship:

  • 1 X RDP (you will connect with AnyDesk, no TeamViewer don’t ask)
  • Simulator (installed on our RDP and ready to go)
  • 2 X Venmo Accounts (Two Donor)
  • 2 X CC’s

You must have your own PREMIUM VPN like VYPR installed and running on your machine before connecting to our RDP via Anydesk.


We will guide you on how to cash out using Venmo.

On all 2 X Venmo accounts, we will show you by adding CC’s onto two of the many dormant Venmo accounts that we aged and make a transfer to another two accounts, we can spend between $50 – $100 by sending to one of your Venmo accounts, you must have your own Venmo for this otherwise we will send money to our own dormant Venmo account.

If you will have any questions please Contact Us after placing your order.


After you purchase this mentorship we will add you in our skype for the desktop to desktop easy communication, if you do not have skype please download it, it’s very easy to set up skype in a matter of minutes.

Then we will arrange a time with you we will give you 1 hour the first day and 30 minutes for the next 2 days.

So the total time for this class would be 2 Hours


  • Once you start the class it will last for the next 2 days (3 days in total), the first day we will give you 1 hour and then decide the time for the other 30 minutes classes for the next 2 days.
  • If you miss any day you will lose out for that day those 30 minutes will NOT be carried over.
  • We will only provide the items for our first class, you are very welcome to buy more dormant Venmo accounts or CC’s to add on PP accounts from our shop and put what you have learned into practice.
  • We will give you the unattended access to our RDP for a full 3 days after we finish the class so you can practice on your own.
  • we will give you access to a total of 10 SOCKS5.

Good Luck!