How to cash out a bank log to Bitcoin latest method 

How to cash out a bank log to Bitcoin latest method

Welcome to back here guys i know the COVID virus circulating, I’m sure money has slowed  a lot of you. Particularly if you’re a drug dealer or have a job. But don’t panic; this procedure may be done entirely from the comfort of your own home! How to cash out a bank log to Bitcoin latest method

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So today, lets learn  how to cash out bank logs  CVV to bitcoin.

This guide will cover everything that you need to know, from beginning to end!

But, before we go into the procedure, let me explain why cashing out directly to BTC is preferable to cashing out in any other way:

Lets talk about bitcoin in summary 

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency with no government regulation, as many of you are already aware. As a result, the transfer of bitcoin cannot be traced back to a single person, nor can these data packets be properly probed by any government agency. Another amazing feature of bitcoin is that it may be instantly deposited as clean money into your own personal bank account! This implies you can purchase a house and a car with your unlawful earnings, and if someone asks where they came from, you can simply respond, “I invested in bitcoin.”Lol. Nobody will challenge it, because they are either uninterested in bitcoin or have no idea what it is. You can even provide bank statements from your bitcoin wallet to the lender….

The point is that cashing out with Bitcoin is a nearly full proof technique to remove money  from your victim and deposit them quickly as USD into your personal bank account!

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Now that I have explained that , let us get into the toturial,

Requirements for this method 

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1. BANK LOG (GET IT FROM HERE)            (Username, password, SSN, MMN, Security questions, CVV, PIN, and email access should all be included in your bank log.) You will not have full access to the account if your log does not include the following, which means you will not be able to pay it out.) That is why i recommend you get it from click here

2.FAKE ID (with your face)     Stay a way from rippers get it from legitimate shop click here

3. WINDOWS LAPTOP               This tutorial does not explain how to accomplish it on a mobile device, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.)

4. BURNER NUMBER (VOIP)        To receive codes 
Once we have these materials, we are ready to start…     
     **victim=bank log holder**) from here

To begin, download CCleaner (if you don’t already have it) and clear all cookies and cache from all applications on your Windows PC. After that, go to /.re/ and get yourself a socks5 proxy. Now, use a proxy that is in the same zip code as your victim, or as near as you can get. Once your proxy is up and running, go to Gmail and establish a new email address using your victim’s name. After that, we’ll open a coinbase account in the victim’s name.

To get started, go to the coinbase website and sign up for a new account. Input the victim’s credentials as well as the email address you created for them.. Enter your burner phone number or VOIP number; NEVER enter the victim’s phone number; you’ll need access to this number to receive codes. You can get a burner SIM for $20-$50 at Walmart or order one online for very little money and simply slot it into your current phone.

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You can also utilize a VOIP service, but I won’t go into detail on what it is because I don’t want to waste your time…google it. We’re ready to go on to the next step now that we’ve created the account…
We’ll now connect our bank account to our Coinbase account. Simply go to coinbase’s “add bank” page, enter your bank’s login details (email and password), then select “email” when it asks how you’d like to get the code. Now log into the victim’s email, find the code, and use it to validate the account on Coinbase.

We need to work quickly at this point because we don’t know if the victim has received this email or not. We’re hoping they didn’t notice, but there’s always the possibility they noticed and shut us down before we completed. We work swiftly to avoid this from happening.


The security code was intercepted once more via their email. Link the CVV that came with the log to the coinbase once we’re in the bank account. It will then ask you to confirm two coinbase deposits into the victim’s bank account. We can immediately examine the deposits by clicking on the checking account since we are already logged in. The card and bank account are now verified and linked to your coinbase after we verify the two deposits.

When you try to buy $1 worth of bitcoin with the CVV you just linked, you’ll be asked to verify your identity using your ID.
You must have your face on the ID you receive. This is because when you upload the ID photos, coinbase will also prompt you to snap a selfie.

Your ID must also be scanned. When prompted, take a picture of the front and back of your ID, as well as a selfie of your face. “Proceeding your verification request” will appear on the screen after that. This takes no more than 4-5 minutes! If your account has been validated, you will receive an email notification. After that, you’re free to purchase as much bitcoin as you like. At first, I’d start with 2500. Once that’s done, just hit for $500 every time until the bank/victim closes the account. Send all of that bitcoin to a different BTC address as soon as possible.
If you face problems let me know in comments i might try to help 

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